IAHS – Come together!

The IAHS is a network of schools building competency on hair and hairdressing. We have members from all over the world. Annual meetings and competitions are some of the yearly events.

The IAHS is an association of schools building competency on hair and hairdressing. We have members from all over the world. The annual membership fee is 350 Euro. For further information, please contact Carina Ladow, wich address You`ll find in the contact-area.

Some of the advatages of being member of the IAHS :

  • A contact network
  • Educational development of lectures
  • International student activities
  • Cooperation between schools
  • Student and lecturer exchange
  • International student trainee internship
  • Adresslist of membership schools
  • Invitation to the annual meeting

In a network of cooperation
Internationalisation is a central part of any type of organization. The world is coming closer and maybe we all live in Euroland 10 years from now. The meeting between people from different nations and cultures increases the international harmonisation.

In a network for educational quality
In year 1998 more than 20 different schools meet in Gothenburg to found the IAHS. The goal is to increase understanding and cooperation in order to reach a higher level of educational quality – let us all compare experience from the vocational education.

In the annual meeting
Each year there will be an annual meeting. During this meeting there will be student-competitions, seminars, product-demonstrations, as well as dinners and social activities. Our plan is to offer you a full programme of events filled with competitions and, of course, educational advancement.

In national contact schools
A criteria for a creative and growing association is the existance of at least one school in each country, willing to work as a contact school to promote the IAHS nationally and to spread the idea of an international network for cooperation and educational development.

In teacher to teacher contact
A good oppurtunity to increase one´s competence as a teacher, is to work for a period in a foreign country. EU have special programmes for teachers to be able to do this. IAHS is the perfect meeting place as a start for these exchanges.

In student to student contact
The network built up by IAHS shall allow easier and closer contacts between the memberschools, wich will create better opportunities for student exchange and international trainee internship.